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Topic:- Best Yoga Mat Brand in India

We all know that health is wealth and we maintain our life very well for a live healthy life we do Daily Yoga which is very helpful to maintain our health good so today we will talk about the five top best yoga mat brands in India. Yoga is for everyone it does not matter how old are you.

when we come for choosing a yoga mat that is very difficult to choose a right to come at for us we become very confused that which yoga mat is good for us and which is bad for us. we are not able to decide that which is the best yoga mat for doing yoga, so don’t worry today we will talk about the five top best yoga mat brand in India that you must buy it all are available online shopping platform called Amazon.

If you love to do Yoga daily then must use these Mats it provides you a better quality to do yoga with comfortably.

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Top 5 Best Yoga Mat Brand in India

Best Yoga Mat Brand in India


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Clear Choice Yoga Mat


Brandvilla Yoga Mat

Bold fit yoga mat

FEDUS Yoga Mat

01- Clear choice Yoga Mat:-

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It scored excellent grades on every one of the nine credits our expert analyzers evaluated, including tenacity, weight, thickness, solidness, and by and large feel. Clear choice yoga mat has different sides: a smooth, “tacky” polyurethane side that causes your hands and feet to stick to the mat, and a springy, regular elastic “grippy” side that rather gives footing by means of a finished surface. This allows you to dial in how much footing you need, regardless of whether you are doing hot yoga or therapeutic yoga, or are simply somebody who may perspire a great deal. The 5-millimeter-thick normal elastic is strong, so touchy knees and elbows will not sink through to the floor.

  • Very comfortable to use.
  • It is a user-friendly yoga mat and easy to use.
  • The mat weight is very less and it is easy to carry anywhere.
  • Not Washable in any type of machine.
  • PVC is not so much eco-friendly material.

02 -VIFIKIT Yoga Mat:-

Best Yoga Mat Brand in IndiaBuy On Amazon

The VIFIKIT Yoga Mat is made from 100% rubber, and this offers some advantages because it absorbs a lot of moisture and helps maintain traction in sweaty situations—possibly too much for It’s slightly thinner than our top pick at 3/16 inch (4¾ millimeters) thick, but it still provides a spongy-yet-supportive feel underhand, foot, and knee.

  • It has very little weight.
  • This mat provides comfort to the person.
  • This method also helps us to protect from injuries.
  • Many users are not happy with the quality of this product.
  • Do not place it in the dryer or washing machine.

03- Brandvilla Yoga Mat:-

Best Yoga Mat Brand in IndiaBuy On Amazon

Not every person needs to get all spendy for their yoga propensity. All things considered, it’s judicious to have your own mat (instead of utilization a conceivably germy one at the studio or rec center), which is the place where a PVC froth cheapie is engaging. In reality, as we know it where these froth mats are very common, YogaAccessories has delivered a minimal expense alternative of significant worth. Its PVC froth is a grand ¼-inch (6.2 millimeters) thick, in addition to the mat is liberally cut, broadening 4 inches longer than the standard size, and accessible in 30 clear tones.

  • This yoga mat design is very attractive.
  • It has an organic rubber base.
  • Its size and weight design in such a way that it suits all kinds of yoga practices.
  • PVC is there which is not eco-friendly to nature.
  • You cannot wash this mat regularly, If you do this then it starts smelling.

04-Bold fit yoga mat:-

Best Yoga Mat Brand in India

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The Bold fit yoga mat is for women and men with a beautiful cover bag and it is the lone travel mat we tried that collapsed minimally for pressing, given incredible footing during training, and didn’t slip or move on the floor. We discovered the footing of this mat to be just about as great as that offered by our elastic second-place pick, likewise made by JadeYoga. This mat has less padding than our different picks. Yet, in the event that you incline toward a plusher vibe, our yoga teacher analyzers tracked down that this remained as secure when utilized on the cover or another mat to come up with a new trend.

  • The mat is made up of a Sponge and it is eco-friendly.
  • It is come up with a carry bag which results in we can carry this mat anywhere.
  • The dimension of this mat is completely Filled with all body shapes.
  • Will, in general, get malodorous if not cleaned consistently.
  • Not as tough as the others.

05- FEDUS Yoga Mat:-

Best Yoga Mat Brand in IndiaBuy On Amazon

A FEDUS yoga mat is for men with high-density 6mm is intended to deal with yoga or exercise, conveying a steady, slip-safe base. This 4.2-millimeter-thick mat is formaldehyde-and sans PVC. It’s developed from reasonably sourced elastic with a polyurethane cowhide top layer, conveying sufficient padding to help your wrists and knees all through an exercise.

Donning a stylish matte completion, it includes a dampness-wicking, antimicrobial surface that keeps the sweat from immersing the mat. Essentially clean it off with a microfiber material after use. The mat arrives in a scope of tones, measures 60 x 12 x 12 cm, and gauges 1 Kg.

  • The opposite side has a super material honeycomb surface ideal for harder yoga presents.
  • Accompanies a quivering sack with cushioned ties for simple conveying.
  • Come up with a carrying bag and in the carry bag, there is a pocket which is very good for the person
  • This mat wants more care and saves place to store.
  • It is only washable by hand this mat does not washed by any types of machine.

Final Words:-

this was about the Yoga Mats. Try not to perform Yoga without a Yoga Mat as this can be perilous and can likewise cause injury. In the event that you are intending to buy a Yoga Mat, you can look at the purchasing guide prior to buying the purchasing Yoga Mat and you can likewise look at the cost of the Yoga Mats on the web.

This will help you in guaranteeing that you get the certifiable item and you get the best arrangement too


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