Top 5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India 2021

Want the Best indoor plant stand for the living room?

Nowadays everyone endeavors to prettify their living room. One element that can make any living room admirable and captivating is plants & flowers. The major role in plantings played by elegant and fascinating plant pots & plant stands. A graceful & elegant Plant Stands enhances the gaze of the beautiful flower pot. Placing plants on Plant Stands can also make your room a classic mid-century style. Also, save your money from buying costly decorative antique pieces.

Moreover, indoor plants intensify the greenery & enhance the freshness. Also, a plant stand for multiple plants can be useful for plants as well as a bookshelf. Furthermore, an antique wooden plant stand can also be used to place different showpieces. Also, intensify the purity of the air in your living room.

Research has proven that indoor plants reduce stress levels & anxiety. Hence, the logic behind giving flowers to an ill person with a message to get well soon. In addition to that, while keeping care of indoor plants, one learns how to take care of others and gain moral values. Also, giving water to indoor plants could be therapeutic as well.

The Researchers have shown that plants near the patient cure their illness way faster.

Things to be considered while choosing the accurate plant stand that suits your living area are given below-

  • Size — measure the area properly where you want to place the plant stand and choose the stand accordingly. As too large plant stand would make the area messy and congested.
  • Durability- it depends on the quality of the material used to manufacture the stand.
  • Color — the color of the stand should be contrasted with the wall color. Otherwise, plant stands will not suit your living area.
  • Weather-resistant — plants with the weather-proof feature can be placed outdoors as well.
  • Weight- stand should be of appropriate weight as too heavy stand would not be manageable & too light stand will not be sturdy. The weight should be enough to counterbalance the pot’s weight.
  • Floor protection feature
  • Texture — should be should as it would be easier to wipe/ clean the stand.
  • Well painted & polished to make it rustproof.

Below, mentioned in the list of the Top 5 Best Indoor Plant Stands In INDIA 2021.


Sharpex Wood 3 Tier Plant stands 

5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India

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The sharper wood plant stands display rack is one of the finest plant stands for the living room. Someone who endeavors the plant stand which can intensify the elegance of the living room should consider this one.

Size — 76.4×33.6*14.4 cm.

Weight — 4 kg 320 g.


  • easy to wipe out & clean as wood is well painted and polished.
  • Made up of supreme quality wood, has high durability.
  • Moreover, Spacious has 4 layers to place plants.
  • Furthermore, this innovative wooden plant stand is Weather-resistant so can be placed outdoors as well.


  • it could be messy while watering the plants on the lower shelf.

 Gig handicrafts metal pot stand

 5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India

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The aforementioned magnificent plant stand is of white color. Hence, could suit a wall of any color. This cycle planter has 3 plant stands to enhance the look of your living room.

Size- 56×67*20 cm.

Weight- 3 kg.


  • manufactured with high-quality strong steel. Hence, has high durability & sturdiness.
  • Weight is just 3 kg. Hence, easy to shift without the need of help from anyone.


  • a bit difficult to clean as very fine work of steel is done.

 Livizing bamboo 4 tier plant shelf rack

5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India

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Antique wooden plants stand foremost for indoor plants. Several plants can be placed on this wooden plant stand. On this plant stand, one can place large as well as small plants as it is very spacious.

Size — 85.5×32*89 cm

Weight- 3.98 kg.


  • manufactured with bamboo have very durable and sturdy.
  • A multi-story bamboo rack makes it suitable to place enough large as well as small plants.
  • Shelves are wide.


  • as it is quite large in size. So, it would require more space in the living room.

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Crafter metal plant stand with planter pots

5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India

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An attractive three-piece set of planter stands is painted golden color which escalates the grace of the living room. These pencil-thin plant stands come along with three white or black plant pots. These are created in classic mid-century style.

Size — 17.8×17.8*63.5 cm

Weight — 2kgs.


  • both plant pots, as well as a plant stand, is made up of wrought iron material, high-temperature paint.
  • Floor protecting planter.
  • Rustproof
  • Does not require much space. Fits in a corner of the living room.


  • since it is lightweight, does not have a strong base to balance heavy pots.

Green gardenia iron pot stand

5 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Indoors India

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Marvelous planter having space for 6 plant pots. White or black in both colors would enhance the overall look of plants and the garden or living room. Since it is made of strong iron wires, it could balance the heavy plant pots as well.

Size 32×10*29 cm

Weight- 5 kg.


  • more sturdy as made of iron bars & can bear heavyweight pots as well.
  • Weather-resistant hence can be placed outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Rustproof as it is well painted.
  • Spacious — 6 large-sized plants can be placed.


  • Difficult to handle as it is heavy, having a weight of 5 kg.

Hope this demonstration of some indoor plant stands would be helpful to everyone. Choose out of them depending upon color, size, design, durability, sturdily etc. And, beautify your living room to an elegant space to relax & rejuvenate yourself. Purify the air of your living room & enhance the freshness.


If anyone endeavors to get Best Indoor Plant Stand 2021, they are enlisted above texts. An attractive & magnificent living room needs some good & high-quality plant stands. Moreover, the above mentioned all the plant stands could be used as a bookshelf, showpiece stands as well instead as an only plant stand.

Some factors must be considered while purchasing a plant stand. Size — The size of the plant stand must fit the leftover area of the living room. As, if the size of the plant stand will be too large, it would make your living room even more congested. Color — color should complement the wall color. Durability — it depends on the quality of the material used. If you are spending such a big amount make sure it should last long. Sturdy — the material should be strong enough to balance the heavyweight of plant pots. Floor protection- plant stand must have the floor protecting feature.

Considering all the factors, choose the plant stand from above mentioned 5 best plant stands. Prettify your living room with these amazing plant stands. Make your living room more elegant and fresh with indoor plants. Purify the air of your living room by placing more and more plants & plant stands.

The summery & embellishing plant stand would enhance the glance of your living room. Also we consider to buy online as you can get great offers there.

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